"It will be life-changing. It's by far the best gift you could give to yourself. And it will have a profound impact on you and your life moving forward. If more people did Quests, we would live in a much different world....You are held by such magic, there are so many things up there on the mountain that take care of you...You just need to do it in an environment where you feel safe and Carmen and Ruben will provide you with that. If you have the opportunity, don't hesitate. Your soul is speaking to you and you should go and you will never, ever regret it. I guarantee it."
Carl-Greger Leijonhufvud
"Going on a Quest is worth the risk. There's a pay out for the risk you take and the courage you need to have in order to make the decision to do something so awesome. It was truly empowering to endure those four days and to make the connections I did within myself. I'm walking around with the benefits every day now – with a confidence I don't know if I could have gained without it."
Ryan White
"You can go (on Quest) and you can be really confused – and it's okay to not know why you're there or what you're doing. Not that it becomes clear in a way you want, but it becomes clear in way that shows you that the next step is possible. And there are no better people to hold you in that space than Carmen and Ruben, even if you don't know what the fuck you're doing. It's powerful."
Jenn Richardson
"If you're even thinking about Quest, your soul is telling you something. do it. there's no two other people better to do Quest with than Carmen and Ruben. They're so well prepared, well organized and I never feared for my life out there. It will change your life. It will change the way you think about yourself. It will make you believe in yourself and that you can do anything."
Patricia Petersen
"This course creates a clear 'road map' for practitioners of intuition, and offers a variety of tools, exercises and language that learners can try on for size and take what works for them. The course allows and facilitates increasing self-empowerment, self-awareness and self-knowledge, to harness the ability to trust our own innate wisdom, and also helps learners to connect it to the larger unseen world that supports us all when the relationship with it is nourished."
Shauna Janz
Grief + Loss support group trainer and facilitator
"The Numinous School is a massive resource that is available to me 24/7. My questions and stuckness don't always fit into the 9-5 regular business hours, so it's wonderful to be able to access all the resources of TNS anytime I desire. No matter when or where, I can gain assurance and clarity. I can learn and grow without limitations."
Lindsay Rose Turner
Founder / Reiki Energy School
"I have done the Intuitive Business Planning process with Carmen twice and will absolutely attend again. This is a day spent focused on your business by using your own inner wisdom and guidance. I loved every minute of it and felt the impact on my business immediately. Thank you, Carmen!"
Robin Arnold
Founder / Locate Your Soulmate
"I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't taken Carmen's Intuitive Business Planning workshop. It's definitely part of my daily operations and something I'll do again and again!"
Melodie Reynolds
Founder + CEO / Elate Cosmetics
"I always know, when I am going to see Carmen speak, that I am in for a real treat. Carmen's love for language comes across in her eloquent, polished, fluid manner. She is always well researched, well prepared and passionate about her topic and gives the audience practical techniques . Because she speaks from such an inspired place and is so charismatic, I always walk away from her presentations with new perspectives, infused by her enthusiasm for her topic."
Linda Campbell, RCCH
Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist + Teacher / The Horizon Centre School of Hypnotherapy
"Working with Carmen has gone BEYOND intuitive practices, tools, and resources - it's been a soul erupting, transformational experience of truth. She has passed down invaluable timeless teachings that are critical to our being on this planet right now. I am blessed to have her in my life - pushing me into my uncomfortable only to see that I CAN. Providing the safety net for me to play & practice my skills - to practice communicating in the external world how spirit moves through me. Carmen is a true medicine woman that'll give you a kick in the ass to RISE when required!"
Ashley Bailey
Reiki Practitioner + Intuitive Guide
"Carmen has a very generous spirit, a keen mind, deep knowledge, a fabulous vocabulary, and a great sense of humour. The mentoring program provided me with some new tools for my toolkit and more peace of mind in my decisions. Carmen helped me to get out of my own way and opened my eyes to the value and use of intuition in taking my business to the next level. A major result of working with Carmen is that I am attracting more of my ideal clients, I have created my first on-line course, and I am doing more of the work I love."
Susan Kleinschmidt
Business Strategist / Good Insights Consulting
"The Mentoring Program has helped me focus on and identify which work activities were most aligned with my soulful path and my intuitive capabilities at this time, and therefore would be most effective for making gains in building my business and connecting with my clients. I have created and launched my first podcasts, set up an automated booking system, and articulated my theoretical framework and philosophy which has helped me gain clarity and direction for my writing and other work. I am moving ahead quickly and confidently, no longer feeling indecisive or overwhelmed because I am not sure what to do next!"
Colleen Adrian
Writer, Speaker + Conscious Parenting Coach
"Since working with Carmen so much has shifted in, not only my business, but all aspects of my life. Over the 6 months that we worked together I created brand new courses, launched my website, taught at the Victoria Yoga Conference and even quit my day job to help people the way that I'm meant to in this world. I birthed the dream that lives within me and now share this work with groups, individual clients, and a growing community of like souls. Her mentorship program affected change in innumerable ways, but, the biggest gift she gave me is the confidence needed to trust that my dream of helping people heal themselves is worth living every single day."
Jenn Richardson
Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Facilitator
"This one day retreat was power packed with benefits for my business! HIGHLY recommended!"
Anne Marie Hogya
Occupational therapist, 5Rhythms Facilitator + Trainer, MA Leadership + Adult Training
"If you are looking to have your spark ignited or looking to recalibrate for next steps in your business. This session is the answer!"
Monique Gray Smith
Award-winning Author
"Where to start when it comes to Carmen and her incredibly powerful work! First off, this workshop is about much more than just business planning. It is about how your business weaves into the beauty of your life and your world in the most graceful of ways, translating meaning and creativity into steps on the journey. It is about understanding the why before embarking on the how. And most importantly it is about putting your heart and your soul back in your business. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone wanting more clarity, more passion and more purpose in their life and business...anyone who truly wants a business with heart and soul. So good!"
Alexa Linton
Author + Medicine Healer for Animals and their People
"As a very practical, strategic and left brained CEO of a fast growth, high profile international company, I was sceptical about Carmen's Intuitive Business Planning Process. I am happy to say that my scepticism was blown right out the window in our first 5 minutes together. Carmen's hard-assed, yet compassionate and highly intelligent coaching style was exactly what I needed, to connect with my (wiser than I thought) inner voice and balance out my all-knowing logical brain. I highly recommend her super fun and cutting edge processes and teachings, which I now use every day and which have taken my business to a level of success and flow that I didn't even know was possible. Do leave your ego and your preconceived ideas at the door though, you won't be needing those ;) "
Alice Bracegirdle
Co-Founder + CEO / Bellyfit International
"You are never too old (as the oldest participant on this one). Going by yourself is a very good option as there are no mental images of what others think of you - it is a great way to become more of who you are without any preconceived ideas. Participating in activities outside your norm encourages you to 'live outside the box' and is very liberating. The experience frees your soul. You will feel courageous, daring and quite magnificent. It feels like a cleansing of the spirit, and was a wonderful gift to myself."
"It is impossible for mere words to encapsulate the life-changing experience that is a retreat with Carmen. I wish, instead, I could give you a glimpse into my liberated Heart. It has been held and heard, supported and witnessed and called forth to live its singular purpose. #irrevocably changed."
Maxine Spence
Author + Speaker
"I'm a smart woman. I know myself well. I'm on top of it. Yet, I released things inside of me that I didn't realize were there. I feel SO soulfully stable and have a true new starting point from which to live the rest of my days."
Sheila Webster
Mentor for Inspired Living
"The Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists was proud to have Carmen Spagnola, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, present two distinct topics at our recent Hypnotherapy Conference held in Vancouver in June, 2014. Carmen captivated her audience and was very well received. Each review was marked, ‘Thoroughly Enjoyed’. She was warm, inviting, knowledgeable, well-spoken and interesting. It will be our pleasure to have Ms. Spagnola present at our next conference as we know her room will fill to capacity."
Heather Flanagan
President / Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH Canada)
"I'm thrilled we had Carmen to speak at our Girls Night Out client event in March 2014. She inspired and connected with over 80 women that night. The heartfelt story she delivered touched all of us. In half an hour Carmen managed not only to tell her story but also give the tools on how to deal with life adversities, change and success. Thank you Carmen for enabling us all to work towards our highest potential."
Milica Ivaz
Division Director / Investors Group Canada
"Carmen Spagnola is a modern day master. Her sacred teaching pierces through the heart with so much sharpness and clarity that I knew that I was listening to someone that has touched the Divine. I am in awe of how she weaves beautiful myth-like stories with so much passion and ease of delivery then apply it to our current times. I am inspired by the power, the sweetness and the immense wisdom in everything she does."
Emerson Lim
Founder / Karma Teachers
"I first engaged Carmen’s services for the ‘Treat You’ room at a yoUnlimited conference where she had a lineup of people wanting to speak with her. Then I had her speak at the Victoria Yoga Conference to a full house - two years in a row. I highly recommend Carmen. She’s definitely a professional in her field."
Carolyne Taylor
Founder / yoUnlimited, Victoria Yoga Conference, 24 Carrot Learning
"I was overwhelmed by all the different spiritual knowledge I had acquired over the years. But now, with Carmen's help, I have found my truth and know how to work with my intuition in a practical way."
Miia Ojala
Free Spirit / TaleTour Adventures
Carmen Spagnola, you are such a gift to this world - thank you for pursuing your life’s work. I have a long list of “to do’s” but I have a sense that spending some time at school this morning could benefit me more. Feed your soul and spirit first - everything else falls into place.
Carolyne Taylor
Founder, The Victoria Yoga Conference
"Before training with Carmen I struggled with understanding the what and how of intuitive tools. But now I have practical, tangible ways to tap into (and trust!) my intuitive self. What I learned from Carmen has changed and enriched my spiritual life the most. Now I empower myself to be my own spiritual cheerleader and that helps immensely on the glass-half-empty days. I took Carmen's program because I wanted to make small and big decisions from an intuitive place and now that I can, I second-guess less and trust my instincts more. The best part of Carmen's curriculum is her ability to distil meaningful, soulful discovery (such as the hero's journey) into manageable, bite-sized pieces."
Charlene Lo
Education Administrator
"Carmen has changed the way I look at intuition. I’ve learned how to listen and trust the abundance of guidance within and around me. She is your best friend, mother, professor and shaman all rolled into one. I am forever grateful."
Robin Arnold
Founder / Locate Your Soulmate
"I was feeling perplexed and discouraged about getting my business off the ground. I came to Carmen and the experience was exactly what I needed to get a plan in place to get my business up and running! But by the time I left, I had a clear path and strategy, and a file full of ideas. I felt a sense of inspiration, relief, renewed energy and optimism. I would recommend Carmen to anyone looking for clear direction, soulful marketing and a brand that resonates with their truest self."
Cristal Bishop
Psychic Medium + Medicine Horse Facilitator
"Carmen is the perfect intuitive: blending practicality and mystical imagery and storytelling with her crystal clear connection with wisdom. I come to her for a reading whenever I get an inner nudge, or when I sense that there is something going on underneath the surface that I can't quite grasp. Her guidance has helped me at crux decision points. She always grasps the complexity and nuances in my scenario and helps me to find the best path."
Karen Evelyn
Coach and Founder / Live Your Genius
"I took Carmen's Intuitive Business session because I was at a crossroads in my business.  I came away from our session with a new-found excitement for the future of my business.  I am currently rebranding and have a very clear vision on where my business is going.  Thank you Carmen!!"
Robin Arnold
Founder / Locate Your Soulmate
"Carmen helped me sort out some confusion I was having with my new business. Afterwards, I was filled with clarity, as the jumbles of ideas I had for my business were now all laid out in a realistic timeline that I could understand. I went from being unsure of what to do next, to feeling really excited and certain as to what I needed to do in the coming months. I'm blown away at how much I've accomplished since that day."
Arne Pedersen
Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist / Awareness In Health
"It was evident that a lot of thought, energy, heart and soul went into the creation of the day. It was so well presented and very comprehensive. I left feeling affirmation, clarity and excitement as I grow and connect with my intuitive gifts. I know others did too."
Nancy Crites
Transformational Guide
"Spent my Saturday at a "Sacred Made Simple: Becoming Your Own Spiritual Advisor Workshop" and I'll tell ya, there's nothing like a guided meditation led by Carmen. WOW. It's amazing what memories the mind holds and sometimes buries. Friendly, real, structured, respectful, knowledgeable, soulful, fun, comfortable, story-telling, teaching … these are all things you can expect from this workshop."
Sheila Webster
Mentor for Inspired Living
"I have attended workshops and courses on intuitive development and spiritual growth since the mid 1980's. Carmen's workshops set a new bar for this new age of transformation. Carmen's wisdom, vast background, sense of humour, integrity and professionalism keep me completely engaged from the start to finish. The content is always varied, rich and abundant. I always leave Carmen feeling excited, energized and deeply connected to my divine gifts and my divine life purpose."
Donna Van Dyke
Massage Therapist, Restorative Health Practitioner, Certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher
"I was intrigued with the idea of developing my intuition but had no idea how. Throughout the day I was spellbound by what I was learning. I felt an awakening within, a realization that I want to make this a daily practice for myself. I left feeling open and inspired with a desire for more. I have started by making meditation a part of my life so I can connect with my higher self daily!"
Rayna Aldridge
Registered Hypnotherapist / Emerald Compass Healing
"I thoroughly enjoyed Carmen's workshop. Not only was it lovely to spend a day with like minded people interested in being more deeply connected with Spirit, Carmen filled the day with fun, interesting and eye-opening exercises. Carmen created a safe environment that made it easy for me to step out of my comfort zone and trust my intuition. I have worked with Carmen before and always find her to be a compassionate, entertaining, well spoken and inspiring source of information and insight. I'm a big fan!"
Linda Campbell
Registered Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist / The Horizon Centre School of Hypnotherapy
"Carmen is the most “grounded” person I know working in this field. I’ve attended several of her workshops and they helped me deepen my insight into core challenges from the past and my own path forward. That’s valuable information for anyone who is committed to a path of personal and spiritual growth. Working with her as an intuitive for the last several months, Carmen has shown an uncanny ability to accurately pick up trends and patterns going on in my life which often surprise and amaze me. She is highly trained, very skilled and it shows in the results you get from working with her."
Sharon Hall
CEC (Business Coach)
"During my intense kickboxing training for my first fight, I came to a point where I nearly lost it all. I had no confidence, no belief in my strength, I wondered if I was making the right decision. Due to Carmen's hypnotherapy, I was able to relax and focus on my strength and get back on track. I enjoyed my trainings much more than before. As a result of working with Carmen, I won my fight against a woman who had 3 years of kickboxing experience while I had only started a few months before!"
Marije Thole
"I'm so glad I had Carmen to help me bring my baby boy into this world. I really wanted to be present and drug-free while giving birth and with her guidance and hypnosis techniques, I was. After working with Carmen, I felt a sense of ease and strength and I would recommend her to anyone who wants tools for pain in childbirth. The techniques Carmen taught me are invaluable and I am forever grateful."
Medina Hahn
Mom / Writer + Actress
"After my hypnotherapy sessions with Carmen, I truly feel a shift in the way I relate to the world. My self-esteem has lifted. With the chance to re-program early instilled belief systems, I feel like I have a new lease on life, and can recreate it. I can't say enough about Carmen's warm and gentle approach - a true healer!"
Lynn Denise
Staffing Consultant
Carmen is a true gift. She has integrity, focus and the capacity to see beyond - far beyond what we can see in our own narrow world where we happen to be walking. She transcends the pattern you are stuck in, opening up to new possibilities. Carmen is a true professional who puts her heart and soul into delivering far more than you would ever expect.
Agneta Dieden
Executive Leadership Coach, Oxford Leadership Academy
"Carmen is super gifted, extremely grounded and powerfully intuitive. She has a way of making you feel instantly comfortable with the process, gently guides you into gaining greater and greater clarity and helps you find, listen to and trust your intuitive voice. Working with Carmen was great and opens up a range of possibilities for living a bigger, fuller, and bolder life!!"
Anne Marie Hogya
(B.Sc. (OT), M.A. (Leadership), Certified 5Rhythms Teacher
"Both readings were powerful, insightful, and shifted my perspective on the potential of my life, today and in the future. Carmen is very down to earth and approachable and her ability to relate to me and my life is so comforting."
Denise Lloyd
President & CEO / Engaged HR
"Carmen’s kind nature partnered with her warmth, professionalism and ‘modern take’ on spirituality was refreshing and uplifting. I walked away from the reading with a greater understanding of some fundamental things that seemed to be nagging and blocking my path forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Carmen for anyone that wants to learn more and be open to hearing what lies ahead on their soulful journey."
Suzanne Gatrell
General Manager / Oswego Hotel
"I was so surprised at how accurate Carmen was at commenting on my current situation given we did not know each other at all! It was so interesting to see the year unfold and the accuracy of what she had predicted. I found the experience to be so reassuring and affirming that I have made it part of my new years ritual! I have referred many clients to Carmen and all report that they had very positive experiences as well."
Dr. Christina Clapham
Chiropractor, NUCCA and B.E.S.T. practitioner / UC Wellness Clinic
"Carmen's readings are focused on providing psychic insight. However, don't expect to hear tales of tall dark strangers or removal bad luck (as with much more traditional kind of fortune-telling). Not that her readings lack the magical quality of accurate prediction; in fact, she's known for her eerie accuracy. I can't thank you enough Carmen, for all your support and intuition. You have made my day, my year, and the beginning of a new chapter in my life."
Carell-Ayne Whalen
Interior Designer / Simply Staged to Sell
"Carmen was able to shed light on some major issues that I had been turning over in my mind for at least a couple of months. It was a little unnerving but after I sat with my reading for a while, it reassured me that I was on the correct path. I'll definitely be back for another reading."
Dustin Vioen
Digital Marketing Consultant
"I had been stuck and indecisive about my career direction. Without knowing details beforehand, Carmen did a reading and touched on virtually all elements of my situation. Her concrete answers helped me bring my goals and desires to fruition. I came away with clear direction, feeling affirmed and inspired."
Colleen Adrian
Parenting Coach / Crystal Clear Living
"Readings with others have often left me in fearful anticipation…projecting and examining my now-known fate. With Carmen, I leave fully grounded in the present - understanding the link between where I’ve been, where I am, and where I'm going. Carmen makes it easy for me to suspend conditioned perspectives of who I am, what I am capable of and most of all, what I am here to do. Always a rich and thought provoking experience."
Colette Aubin
Film Producer
"What I love, love, love about a reading from Carmen is her ability to effectively articulate her thoughts. No other form of intuitive reflection has ever made so much sense to me before... it always resonates with me in such a profound way that I can't wait to see her again! It feels like she has a window into my life (or my soul), can see the pieces that I cannot, and then guides me through them with clarity and wisdom."
Rebeka Erikson
Interior Designer