Wouldn’t it be fun to hang out in real life?

And by “fun” I mean, “this feels hard but really necessary and somehow life affirming”.

There are two opportunities in 2018 for deep dive immersions into the rituals and practices of living a small and delicious life amid the sublime shitshow that is the 21st century.

Each is designed to balance discomfort with comfort, learning with integrating, being with doing, thinking with feeling.

Each will challenge you spiritually.


June 2019, 12 nights, Cariboo-Chilcotin, BC

  • This is a dialogue between you and the universe – an individual journey that you bring back to your people as an offering, the offering of a truer self.
  • For people at a threshold; something is ending or something is about to begin.
  • You have time and resources to invest in a 12-day ritual of death and regeneration.
  • You need some time alone.
  • You need space to think and reflect.
  • You want to reconnect with the natural and supernatural worlds.
  • Something deep within yourself is in need of healing.
  • Payment plans available.

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September 2018, 5 nights, Cortes Island, BC

  • This is a symposium about individual, family, community and cultural response to large scale collective dilemmas.
  • For people in the thick of things; you’re trying to live soulfully and regeneratively in a collapsing world that needs to die anyhow.
  • You have the time and resources to invest in a 6-day gathering to connect and regroup.
  • You need time with people who get you.
  • You need a secure container so you can process.
  • You want to re-center the natural and supernatural worlds in our cultural conversation.
  • Something between you and the world is in need of deep healing.
  • Possible scholarships available by application through Hollyhock.

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What is similar about Quest and Hollyhock?

A celebratory emphasis on the land, food and conversation.
A framework for learning that is trauma-informed, attachment-based and relational.
Recognition of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.
Flow between listening and doing, receiving and giving, solitude and togetherness.
Situational awareness training for the time and place of our gathering.
Honouring and gifting to the non-human world.
Ritual and ceremony to ground and bond with each
other and with the other worlds.
A few late nights of drinking, poetry, song and stories by the fire.
Carmen and Ruben ruminating about small-and-delicious-life things.
Both programs are suitable to attend alone, or with partner, kin or friend.

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