The Numinous School With Carmen Spagnola
"It will be life-changing. It's by far the best gift you could give to yourself. And it will have a profound impact on you and your life moving forward. If more people did Quests, we would live in a much different world....You are held by such magic, there are so many things up there on the mountain that take care of you...You just need to do it in an environment where you feel safe and Carmen and Ruben will provide you with that. If you have the opportunity, don't hesitate. Your soul is speaking to you and you should go and you will never, ever regret it. I guarantee it."
Carl-Greger Leijonhufvud
"Going on a Quest is worth the risk. There's a pay out for the risk you take and the courage you need to have in order to make the decision to do something so awesome. It was truly empowering to endure those four days and to make the connections I did within myself. I'm walking around with the benefits every day now – with a confidence I don't know if I could have gained without it."
Ryan White
"You can go (on Quest) and you can be really confused – and it's okay to not know why you're there or what you're doing. Not that it becomes clear in a way you want, but it becomes clear in way that shows you that the next step is possible. And there are no better people to hold you in that space than Carmen and Ruben, even if you don't know what the fuck you're doing. It's powerful."
Jenn Richardson
"If you're even thinking about Quest, your soul is telling you something. Do it! There's no two other people better to do Quest with than Carmen and Ruben. They're so well prepared, well organized and I never feared for my life out there. It will change your life. It will change the way you think about yourself. It will make you believe in yourself and that you can do anything."
Patricia Petersen