"I first engaged Carmen’s services for the ‘Treat You’ room at a yoUnlimited conference where she had a lineup of people wanting to speak with her. Then I had her speak at the Victoria Yoga Conference to a full house - two years in a row. I highly recommend Carmen. She’s definitely a professional in her field."
Carolyne Taylor
Founder / yoUnlimited, Victoria Yoga Conference, 24 Carrot Learning
"Carmen Spagnola is a modern day master. Her sacred teaching pierces through the heart with so much sharpness and clarity that I knew that I was listening to someone that has touched the Divine. I am in awe of how she weaves beautiful myth-like stories with so much passion and ease of delivery then apply it to our current times. I am inspired by the power, the sweetness and the immense wisdom in everything she does."
Emerson Lim
Founder / Karma Teachers
"I'm thrilled we had Carmen to speak at our Girls Night Out client event in March 2014. She inspired and connected with over 80 women that night. The heartfelt story she delivered touched all of us. In half an hour Carmen managed not only to tell her story but also give the tools on how to deal with life adversities, change and success. Thank you Carmen for enabling us all to work towards our highest potential."
Milica Ivaz
Division Director / Investors Group Canada
"The Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists was proud to have Carmen Spagnola, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, present two distinct topics at our recent Hypnotherapy Conference held in Vancouver in June, 2014. Carmen captivated her audience and was very well received. Each review was marked, ‘Thoroughly Enjoyed’. She was warm, inviting, knowledgeable, well-spoken and interesting. It will be our pleasure to have Ms. Spagnola present at our next conference as we know her room will fill to capacity."
Heather Flanagan
President / Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH Canada)
"I always know, when I am going to see Carmen speak, that I am in for a real treat. Carmen's love for language comes across in her eloquent, polished, fluid manner. She is always well researched, well prepared and passionate about her topic and gives the audience practical techniques . Because she speaks from such an inspired place and is so charismatic, I always walk away from her presentations with new perspectives, infused by her enthusiasm for her topic."
Linda Campbell, RCCH
Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist + Teacher / The Horizon Centre School of Hypnotherapy