The Numinous School

From Mystery to Mastery

Nearly 500 seekers around the world have studied in The Numinous School since 2014.

"The Numinous School has been vital part of my spiritual journey this past year. I looked forward to the lessons and tutorial classes monthly as they helped me to gain clarity and confidence on my journey. It was also a great way to connect with like-minded people. Carmen is generous with her knowledge and I loved the myths and stories she shared. She has a great sense of humour and she is always open to suggestions and questions."
Patricia Petersen
"With the help of this course, I noticed a huge shift in my life. I love having rituals, feeling connected, being with others that feel the same, and I always loved to hear what Carmen had to say. I am really happy with this class even though I couldn’t make all the meetings!"
Kathryn Genereux
"My favourite parts are usually the trances, because it’s always a surprise and not anything I would expect. I usually learn a lot about myself. I’ve found the cumulative effect of the program very gratifying. A new clarity is emerging and I have newfound joy in working with Spirit much more frequently."
Phyllis Morgan
"This course opened and broadened my perspective as to what “numinous” means and how I can participate more fully in it, and be open and appreciative of how others participate in it. The program helps me feel more whole (or at least see the potential for wholeness). I also love the historical aspect and symbology and connection to art. "
Rachelle Geneau
"I’ve loved every moment of The Numinous School. I have learned to trust my Self, my knowing, throughout this year. My spiritual Journey continues but I know that I have sisters to walk with, to catch up to and to learn from, because of this wonderful group of people. If this course resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to become a part of this exquisite experience."
Tatjana Kowand
"This course creates a clear 'road map' for practitioners of intuition, and offers a variety of tools, exercises and language that learners can try on for size and take what works for them. The course allows and facilitates increasing self-empowerment, self-awareness and self-knowledge, to harness the ability to trust our own innate wisdom, and also helps learners to connect it to the larger unseen world that supports us all when the relationship with it is nourished."
Shauna Janz
Grief + Loss support group trainer and facilitator
"The Numinous School is a massive resource that is available to me 24/7. My questions and stuckness don't always fit into the 9-5 regular business hours, so it's wonderful to be able to access all the resources of TNS anytime I desire. No matter when or where, I can gain assurance and clarity. I can learn and grow without limitations."
Lindsay Rose Turner
Founder / Reiki Energy School
Carmen Spagnola, you are such a gift to this world - thank you for pursuing your life’s work. I have a long list of “to do’s” but I have a sense that spending some time at school this morning could benefit me more. Feed your soul and spirit first - everything else falls into place.
Carolyne Taylor
Founder, The Victoria Yoga Conference