"Working with Carmen has gone BEYOND intuitive practices, tools, and resources - it's been a soul erupting, transformational experience of truth. She has passed down invaluable timeless teachings that are critical to our being on this planet right now. I am blessed to have her in my life - pushing me into my uncomfortable only to see that I CAN. Providing the safety net for me to play & practice my skills - to practice communicating in the external world how spirit moves through me. Carmen is a true medicine woman that'll give you a kick in the ass to RISE when required!"
Ashley Bailey
Reiki Practitioner + Intuitive Guide
"Carmen has a very generous spirit, a keen mind, deep knowledge, a fabulous vocabulary, and a great sense of humour. The mentoring program provided me with some new tools for my toolkit and more peace of mind in my decisions. Carmen helped me to get out of my own way and opened my eyes to the value and use of intuition in taking my business to the next level. A major result of working with Carmen is that I am attracting more of my ideal clients, I have created my first on-line course, and I am doing more of the work I love."
Susan Kleinschmidt
Business Strategist / Good Insights Consulting
"The Mentoring Program has helped me focus on and identify which work activities were most aligned with my soulful path and my intuitive capabilities at this time, and therefore would be most effective for making gains in building my business and connecting with my clients. I have created and launched my first podcasts, set up an automated booking system, and articulated my theoretical framework and philosophy which has helped me gain clarity and direction for my writing and other work. I am moving ahead quickly and confidently, no longer feeling indecisive or overwhelmed because I am not sure what to do next!"
Colleen Adrian
Writer, Speaker + Conscious Parenting Coach
"Since working with Carmen so much has shifted in, not only my business, but all aspects of my life. Over the 6 months that we worked together I created brand new courses, launched my website, taught at the Victoria Yoga Conference and even quit my day job to help people the way that I'm meant to in this world. I birthed the dream that lives within me and now share this work with groups, individual clients, and a growing community of like souls. Her mentorship program affected change in innumerable ways, but, the biggest gift she gave me is the confidence needed to trust that my dream of helping people heal themselves is worth living every single day."
Jenn Richardson
Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Facilitator